Dear Karma

Aug. 3rd, 2008 10:46 pm
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Dear Karma,

You know mommy loves you, and you know mommy loves her couch that looked so much... nicer before you moved in, but you will be sleeping on the couch tonight instead of our bed.

The last few nights you've been up, down, up, down, up, down and you seem to feel the need to jump onto my legs with every move. Combine that with that little half bark / chicken sound you make at every little thing outside has kept me awake and mommy isn't very happy right now. I know you love to snuggle with us lay on my legs which keeps waking me up at night, but mommy has had enough.

Please don't give me that look as I shut the bedroom door, just know that in my family, the fact that you sleep indoors is considered coddling.

You'll get kisses in the morning as always, I just need my sleep.



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Dear TD Ameritrade,

I am on the phone with you because I realized that this month is my one year mark with you and your Suze Orman Save Yourself account. You see, I have been paying you $50 a month for one full year and now you're supposed to give me another $100 as a *pats head* "good girl" reward.

Except you didn't.

When I tried to set up my trust designation with you, I TOLD YOU that the only thing I was changing was the BENEFICIARY! So instead of the money coming to me, it came to me in care of my trust. Not too hard. (Or so I thought.)

Now you are telling me I only have $300 in the account because in January you opened a whole new trust account and moved the money over there?? Oh my gosh are you on crack? And the funny part (and thank you for laughing right along with me) is that my original account doesn't have a beneficiary LISTED. So if I died, that money would have gone to NO ONE.

My secret reason, which you don't know yet because I'm on hold, is that I want that $100 on top of my $600 plus interest so I can close this account, stop giving you money, and use that money for more immediate needs.

Once this clusterfuck is over, I will go back to regular investing, but probably not with you. 

**I just got transferred to the transfer department. Um yeah I have to fill out a transfer form and a beneficiary form. LMAO. This is RICH!**

This has not been a very good week overall.
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Please don't eff with my iGoogle page again. I just spent a lot of time fixing it back up to pretty much what I had before.

I'm not a developer or programmer or anything else, so I'm not sure why I was included in your little test. All I can say is that you all suck and the little "undo" feature that Chris found didn't work in my case. All it did was remove the 4th column, but it didn't restore my settings. 
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I go to my iGoogle homepage and it looks wildly different than THE WAY I SET IT UP.  


Dear Karma

Jul. 16th, 2008 09:00 am
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Honey I know you love Mr. Bear, you'd fight wild beasts to save him, so why oh why do you chew and chew on him so much? His little ear is barely hanging on, you've made the back of his head bald, and now you've gone and taken a chunk of stuffing out of the middle of his back.

You know mommy can only dream of having sewing skills, because she didn't inherit that gene from her family. When I had to sew his leg back on a few months ago, I told you that I am not gifted in the sewing department.

So I saved that chunk of stuffing you left on the bed, and mommy will try and stitch Mr. Bear back up, but please sweety, go easy on Mr. Bear.


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