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Since the local news doesn't carry it...

Note to self:

GAME 2: 5/31 END 1st, CBC(HD), NBC(HD), RDS(HD)
Red Wings lead series 1 - 0
GAME 1: DET 3, PIT 1 | Video | Photos
GAME 2: May 31 @ DET,
GAME 3: June 2 @ PIT, 8pm, VS,CBC,RDS
GAME 4: June 4 @ PIT, 8pm, VS,CBC,RDS
*GAME 5: June 6 @ DET, 8pm, NBC,CBC,RDS
*GAME 6: June 9 @ PIT, 8pm, NBC,CBC,RDS
*GAME 7: June 12 @ DET, 8pm, NBC,CBC,RDS

* If necessary
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I am eating leftover Kung Pao chicken from mother's day. Holy hell, I made extra white rice and am finishing my third glass of water and my mouth is still on fire. It was not this hot the first night (I guess the burn set in...) my nose is runny too.

But damn it's good.

I really hope I can use this icon again, but after the last two games... ugh.
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So a few games back, Selanne got hurt. He got pushed in such a way that he wound up slicing his thigh with his own skate.

Thankfully nothing... permanant... was severed, but he will be out for awhile and the Ducks are playing like crap in his absence. They play Dallas at 5, and I want to watch the game, but I am nervous as well. I really hope they get their shit together, find some chemistry that works on all the lines, and WIN.

Because for kids, its about playing the game, but for my Ducks, it's about the WIN!


Dec. 10th, 2008 11:02 pm
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LOTS of fighting, lots of cheering, and Ducks won it 4 - 2. WOOT! Now THAT is a wedding present!!! (We got 200 level seats as a gift. We even wore our bride and groom signs on our jerseys again.)

Paul Kariya was out of St. Louis' lineup with an injury because he is a wuss. I can't believe he plays on this team. St. Louis is grit, Kariya is always out with an injury of some sort.
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Selanne signs, to play immediately

Right wing Teemu Selanne is scheduled to be in the Ducks’ lineup for Sunday’s 5 p.m. exhibition game against the Vancouver Canucks at Honda Center after signing a two-year, $5.25 million contract earlier in the day.




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The Ducks placed Mathieu Schneider on waivers Tuesday in the latest chapter of a summer-long episode to move the veteran defenseman.

The team has been trying to trade Schneider, who is due $5.625 million this season, to get under the NHL’s 2008 salary cap and free up money to sign Teemu Selanne. (HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!)

Schneider signed a two-year, $11.25 million deal with the Ducks last summer but became expendable when Scott Niedermayer later returned to the team and decided to play this season as well.

Schneider, 39, had 12 goals and 27 assists with a plus-22 rating in 65 games in 2007-08.


I KNOW this sucks ass for Schneider fans, but hopefully the Kings will pick him up and we have to get under that cap anyways.


OHMYGOSH it's almost hockey season - I CAN'T WAIT!
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Drum roll, please – Have we seen the last of No. 8?


Man, hockey season is right around the corner... YAY!


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