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So my church is doing a new series based on a book and bible study called One Month to Live.

Church and bible aside (since I know not everyone on my flist is a bible thumping Christian) I think it's a pretty thought provoking idea. What if we only had one month to live? What would we focus on? What is really important in our lives, and what is it that we do that's just plain old bullshit?

I would go visit my grandmother and take a ton of pictures with her. She wouldn't remember me 5 minutes after I left, but she'd have pictures there that she could look at.

I would make sure that everyone knew where my trust and will documents are and remind them of my desire to donate all possible organs, skin, hair, whatever I have that someone else could benefit from. I'm just going to be ashes anyways, and I don't need any of it where I'm going, but it could help someone or multiple people here.

I would call / visit all of my friends and family and make sure they know just how much I love them and what an impact they've had on my life.

I wouldn't read People Magazine online or Perez Hilton for the latest scoop on celebrities. I'd erase my TV shows from the DVR. I'd donate some time to Second Harvest Food Bank.

So what's stopping me from doing these things, or better yet, stop doing these things to free up my time for what's more important? 

What would your list(s) look like?


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