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Funny ass link to, If Twilight was 10 Times Shorter and 100% More Honest

I can't stop laughing...
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Another LJ user in one of the Twilight coms posted this and I think she did a swell job on it.

It makes me want to go see the movie again.

And I just watched part of an interview with "Edward Cullen," he talked about the makeup and how he has so many lines in his face that they couldn't make him as white as the others (it would have "erased all facial expression,") and made a joke that when they did his makeup he thought he looked "half cabookie and half transvestite." That made me giggle like a lunatic.

Another funny line (related to why he acted like such an asshole in the beginning of the movie) "Well it is kinda like real life when you really like someone, but then you look at yourself and you think, 'Don't like me, I'm a dick.'"


Dec. 14th, 2008 11:28 pm
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I took Little Sister to see Twilight to see what all the buzz was about. Mind you - I knew nothing of the story other than they were vampires and everyone seems to be all gaga over the books / this movie.

So um yeah, now I know who Edward Cullen is, and why so many LJ'ers seem to have them on their icons.

The movie was awesome and full of greatness and it reminded me why I liked vampire topics when I was a teen (and thus filed my canine teeth into points...don't worry I have no plans for a repeat performance of that and have since stopped using metal nail files.)

I probably won't ever read the books, but found the movie highly entertaining and can't wait for more. Little Sister leaves for Mexico on the 16th and will be back on the 4th. I got her a mall gift card for the Laguna Hills Mall (actually it is a Simon giftcard so she can go to any Simon Mall - I just know that she and her friends go to LHM a lot.) I also got her a pink notepad with a magnet (she can stick it in her locker or something) and it has a "C" (since her name is as odd as mine and neither of us will ever find personalized stuff with our names spelled correctly.) We went to Islands and got tiki tenders (chicken strips) and then went to the movie. Awesome way to end 2008, now I have 2009 to look forward to with her.


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