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So after working on the maps, we drove to the reception to see exactly what the deal was with Summit Road. There ISN'T a sign for Summit when you turn in, so adding it will only confuse people. It isn't named until you wrap around the backside out onto Enterprise. So we will need to make sure people understand it's the first left after you pass under the toll road.

Also took one of the big ass vases to make sure its not too tall for the trash cans table tops. (It's not, but I really need to figure out a new decoration for the inside building off [profile] annamonster's ideas.)

Drove to Soka since I would love love love to do pre-wedding pictures there. Effing university is fenced off with a security gate. They are not going to let us in to take pictures. I will email them to ask, but I just have that feeling. Maybe we will just do pictures here on the playground or something.

Went to Chili's about having the rehersal dinner there - EFF NO. They can't handle large parties apparently and with the movie theater right there he said that we wouldn't want to book there. Went a few more places and probably found the place but I am keeping mum on that unless [profile] chickenboo42 wants any ideas and I can email her offline.

Went grocery shopping. Spent about $160 or so and saved $65 with coupons (not doubled) and specials at Albertson's.

Went to see Dark Knight. Its one of those movies I am dying to see like a little girl before Christmas. Oh my gosh I want to see that movie so badly. Anyways, we get there, and there is this long ass line and we thought, "Surely not for Batman, it's been out for several weeks." We thought it was for Clones Wars since it was opening weekend. Went to the front of the line, sure enough, Batman in IMAX (what we were there for.) Talk about heartbreak. So we saw Clone Wars instead. It was pretty good and had funny moments. I was suprised at just how not packed the little theater was for the movie and there were lots and lots of kids.

They had a promo for Harry Potter and still say it will come out in November. According to last week's news it was pushed back until mid-2009 (bastards.) Another movie I would go to a midnight showing for on a work night!
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The girls and I went to the venue last night so we could time out their walk and I was very happy to see that they cut the wild kingdom way the hell back. All those bushes that look like marijuana by the pond are GONE. In fact, it looks pretty barren right now, but I know it will grow back. It was just really nice to be able to see the pond.

The girls also made a great point that if we walk the "low way" the guests and photographer will be able to see us much better than if we wrap all the way around up top. It will also be a shorter walk, which will help Chris' mother.

But I was just sooooo thrilled that they cut back so much and everything will look great come November. (If not, I'll hack it myself.)

Okay I really should get to work now...

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For the ability to eat soup and search for first dance songs for the wedding on my lunch break. 


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