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Now that I have posted my post wedding post to [livejournal.com profile] weddingplans I took them off my friends list and I am deliously happy about it. I will keep [livejournal.com profile] 2008_weddings on there until the end of the year, but then it goes too. I'm still in the newlywed phase, and these groups were fantastic help to me, but I no longer feel vested to the turmoils of table linens and save the date cards. Time to move on.

Now I can get through my f-page a lot easier :-)

And it's raining in SoCal. You'd think it was the end of the world and of course my commute in was fucked up. This was one of my views as I was on the 57 near Katella:

Which I guess was better than the poor souls headed south on the 57:

That's one sucky thing about my commute, not only is it longer than before, but I share the highway with a whole LOT of big rigs. I got into work at 8:30. Stephanie called in sick. I was going to run errands at lunch, but not if it looks like this. I got out of my car and the rain was at such a diagonal that my pant legs are still wet and I am barefoot so my feet and the inside of my shoes can dry out.

But hey, at least it isn't snow, and our temps aren't hovering at 10 degrees...

Also, note to self - don't let the gas gauge get below a quarter of a tank the night before you think it is going to rain. I am almost at the bottom of the tank and now need to go out in the rain and get gas either at lunch or after work. Yuck. I miss my dad at times like this - he always makes sure my mom's car is full of gas so she doesn't have to go to the gas station and he sometimes took mine when I was a teenager and making minimum wage part time. Kinda like a gasoline valet, LOL.
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I followed the directions. I loaded the program. I dialed into the call first. I clicked on the link and entered the codes. People were talking, instruction was going on. There was a meeting.

So why oh why did I get the error message telling me the meeting ended? I felt so stupid having to pipe up and say, "Um excuse me, this is OCnative in Fullerton, CA. My online meeting is telling me the meeting is over."

She was stumped.

Now I have to call her at 11:30 AM to get my very own personal meeting / online seminar. Me - who normally likes to just put the phone on mute and follow along with the group.

*head desk*


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