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Say hello to my new friend... Old Lich and I were kicking it tonight...

I set up a death knight on Feathermoon, her name is Dephria. If you are wondering about the meaning, don't. I used the randomizer.
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This commercial cracks me up...

And makes me want to play WoW...

And brings back memories of music taste in 7th grade...
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I am such a geek. I changed my iGoogle banner to the Lich King theme...
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Blizzard Fans Camp Out for Online Game Launch

Orange County Business Journal Staff

Diehard fans of “World of Warcraft,” the blockbuster online game from Irvine’s Blizzard Entertainment Inc., have lined up a day early to be the first to get their hands on the newest installment of the game at an Anaheim electronics store.

Fry’s will open its doors at 12:01 am Thursday to sell the “Wrath of the Lich King,” which goes for about $40.

Game developers and executives are set to meet players and sign copies of the game, including a special collector’s edition containing maps, music and art.

The group of fans, some who were said to be in full tailgate mode and cooking on portable grills, are mostly “a well-behaved mob,” the report said.

Blizzard is the biggest maker of what’s known as “massive multiplayer online games,” in which millions of players face off over the Internet.

The most recent “World of Warcraft” installment, “The Burning Crusade,” came out in early 2007 and sold 3.5 million copies within its first month.

“World of Warcraft” now counts more than 11 million active players, each who pay a subscription rate of about $15 per month.

The game enthusiasts formed a line at Fry’s Electronics in Anaheim as early as Tuesday, according to a blog post on tgdaily.com, a technology products news site.

Blizzard, a unit of France’s Vivendi SA, has been gearing up for the big launch of “World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King” by hosting midnight events at a handful of locations around the world.

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Apparently the National Science Foundation gave UCI a chunk 'o money to figure out why Americans create more mods in the game than Chinese do.

Article here.
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And thanks to having character friends with cash, I was able to trade in my gluestick for a new swift white steed.

Possible screenshot(s) to come.

Of course being in outlands, I got a bunch of new clothes. I went from sleek and classy long white dress to a female Indiana Jones complete with big ugly pink hat and green shoulder pads.
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Blizzard can handle 10 million people playing World of Warcraft online. But sell a few thousand tickets to fans for the upcoming BlizzCon fan convention?

Ha! After major outages Monday due to an overloaded system, few fans actually bought a ticket yesterday. Blizzard wound up postponing ticket sales last night while it fixed its equipment. Lots of ridicule against the Irvine company for the annoyance.

Tickets are supposed to attempt to go on sale at the start of business day this morning. But there’s no mention of who’s business day that is. As of 8:30 a.m., BlizzCon tickets still are not for sale and if you try to buy one, you’ll still get this page.

Shon Damron, a Blizzard media guy, messaged me back last night saying:

We had some technical difficulties with the site due to the volume of purchase requests that have been coming through, but we’ve made some optimizations to help manage the load. If/when tickets sell out, we’ll definitely let everyone know.

Sigh. Blizzard advises that fans check its site and forums for updates.


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