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I took Little Sister out to see Friday the 13th this afternoon and for once I really wish I would have done the parent check on the movie before we went. I am not a prude and I KNOW she doesn't lead a sheltered life, but we got three sets of breasts (implants all the way) two sex scenes; one doggie style and one with girl on top, a guy smoking a joint, a guy admiring marijuana crops, and another guy smoking a bong. GOOD GRIEF - epic fucking fail on my part.

Anyways, she seemed unfazed by it all and I did make the joke that when you do bad things, crazy men with machetes come after you.

We also talked about:
Don't follow the man with the machete back to his camp
Don't wander off alone with there is a man with a machete outside
Don't stand in front of tall windows with your back to the window when there is a man with a machete outside
Don't ask the scary man in the hockey mask if he would like a hockey stick to complete the outfit
Don't continue standing on the shabby floor when there is a crazy man with a machete shoving it up through the floor

Overall, we gave the movie a "C" and went and got pizza afterwards for lunch and discussed the whole Chris Brown thing and how it is NEVER okay for a man to beat up a woman (she was a HUGE Chris Brown fan...)

Then I got home and we decided to use our coupon for Red Robin for dinner and hit the Verizon store in the same mall (Irvine Spectrum) since my cell phone has been dying. First we went to Verizon and found a super cool phone. (No, my phone did not cost that much.) It was more than I expected to get, but we also decided that now that we both have good cell phones we will get rid of the house line, so that saves us about $30 a month - well worth the cost of my new phone. Chris is having fun playing with it and I am wishing it came with an instructional DVD for all the stuff it has on it!

I also got a new wireless headset that wont pinch my ear and make me want to break the law by making calls on the phone and screaming at the microphone while using speakerphone with the phone in my lap. It's good to be a state employee too because there is a 25% discount on everything. (I am on his family plan too.)

Then we went to a game store and got a second guitar for guitar hero so we can rock out together. Now that is what I call a fun V-day gift.


Dec. 14th, 2008 11:28 pm
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I took Little Sister to see Twilight to see what all the buzz was about. Mind you - I knew nothing of the story other than they were vampires and everyone seems to be all gaga over the books / this movie.

So um yeah, now I know who Edward Cullen is, and why so many LJ'ers seem to have them on their icons.

The movie was awesome and full of greatness and it reminded me why I liked vampire topics when I was a teen (and thus filed my canine teeth into points...don't worry I have no plans for a repeat performance of that and have since stopped using metal nail files.)

I probably won't ever read the books, but found the movie highly entertaining and can't wait for more. Little Sister leaves for Mexico on the 16th and will be back on the 4th. I got her a mall gift card for the Laguna Hills Mall (actually it is a Simon giftcard so she can go to any Simon Mall - I just know that she and her friends go to LHM a lot.) I also got her a pink notepad with a magnet (she can stick it in her locker or something) and it has a "C" (since her name is as odd as mine and neither of us will ever find personalized stuff with our names spelled correctly.) We went to Islands and got tiki tenders (chicken strips) and then went to the movie. Awesome way to end 2008, now I have 2009 to look forward to with her.
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I finally went to bed at a decent time last night and washed my hair last night so it wouldn't take me so long to get ready this morning. (Darn long hair.) When I started this job, I would be out the door with a face full of war paint, nice clothes and hair styled (of course it was also winter time so I was more likely to wear my hair down) by 7:10. I would get to work by 7:45 and life was great.

Lately I have been hitting snooze, throwing my hair up in a clip, throwing on whatever and racing out the door in a sheer panic at 7:30. I'd be flipping people off and driving like your typical Southern California driver. Sometimes I'd slap on some war paint in the parking lot, sometimes not.

This morning I didn't feel frazzled on the road. I didn't flip anyone off. I got to Fullerton at 7:30 with straightened hair and a chipper attitude. I went to Albertson's for some yogurt and picked up a Lean Cuisine panini ($1.99 for a whole lot of frozen stuff at Albertson's right now) to go with my soup for lunch (which just made lunch a whole lot more exciting.) I also had to laugh that Albertson's has their yogurt for 50 cents most of the time. They also had Yoplait for $1.05 (smaller container.) Yoplait has twice the amount of sugar than the generic and its more expensive and a smaller container. Seems like a no-brainer to me kids.

I came into the office at 7:50 with a slice of whole wheat bread with some natural chunky style peanut butter and yogurt for breakfast and my panini and soup lunch. Today is going to be a great day and tomorrow I am taking my Little Sister to Sea World.


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